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Dry ice blasting also known as Dry Ice Cleaning, CO2 Blasting, was developed as a safe, clean alternative to bead, grit, and sand blasting.

Dry Ice Blasting has now grown to become a vital part of the cleaning process in a remarkable variety of industries throughout the world.

Dry Ice Blasting is an industrial cleaning process in which particles of solid carbon dioxide are propelled at high velocities to impact and clean a surface. These particles are accelerated to supersonic speeds by compressed air and delivered via a hand held or robotised nozzle at the surface to be cleaned.

Dry Ice Blasting...

  • Cleans without surface erosion
  • Dramatic savings in man hours and hazardous chemicals
  • Eliminates potential damage to machine parts
  • Eliminates secondary waste streams
  • Eliminates personnel exposure to cleaning product corrosives
  • Reduces downtime with minimal disassembly
  • Eliminates blasting media entrapment and drying time
  • Eliminates electrical and bacterial problems
  • Reduces overall cleaning time